Teach Meet Event #3 was a huge success!!
Staff from Aldersley High School and Moreton School came together to share a variety of Teaching and Learning strategies not only to other staff from those two schools, but also to staff from other schools in the local area.

Strategies shared ranged from subject specific ones, like developing independence in language learning, to more general cross curricular strategies, like using ‘mistake work’ to challenge the high attaining students. There were a total of 20 stations that were all sharing and discussing different strategies, so all in attendance were sure to find something that was relevant and beneficial to them in terms of developing their professional development.

It was lovely to see students from both schools getting involved. The English and Physical Education stations had organised for Aldersley students to come and demonstrate some of the strategies and also share their feelings about how effective these strategies have been in their own lessons. Staff feedback on this was extremely positive; who better to ask how effective something is in practice than the people that we are implementing the strategy for?!

There were also some lecture style offerings throughout the evening. The first was sharing how our students like to learn and feel that they learn best. This was mainly led by some of our Moreton students, who were very brave and spoke to a big audience of staff in our Amethyst lecture theatre. The second was a session from one of the senior leaders at Aldersley who participated in The Teaching Fellows Leadership Course and wanted to provide an insight for staff who may be at the point in their career when they would benefit from this training and experience.
Finally, an initiative to encourage students to think about their careers and next steps, The Big Class challenge, was shared by another senior leader.

The evening was a huge success because of the hard work and enthusiasm of all staff who exhibited and/or attended.

We look forward to the next Teach Meet Event and hope to see you there!