School Improvement Team

Executive Leadership Team and School Improvement

Led by the CEO, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is a team of the most senior leaders in the Trust who meet regularly and work collaboratively to achieve the Trust’s objectives as agreed by the Trust Board. 

The purpose of the ELT in conjunction with the Board of Trustees is to support the CEO in shaping and delivering the ongoing vision, purpose, values and ethos of the Trust through collective accountability and delegated authority. Each member of the ELT has individual accountabilities as determined by their job role within and wider responsibilities across the organisation, utilising the knowledge and skills of each member so that the team is collectively more than the sum of its parts.

Our Improvement Framework

Our Improvement Framework is developed around the principles of collective efficiency and adding value with the Trust instilling a culture where:

  • Schools are provided with opportunities to participate in important Trust-wide decisions including identifying improvement priorities;
  • Networks of staff across our schools agree priorities which have a direct and measurable impact on positive learner outcomes;
  • Teachers and classroom support staff can get out of their classrooms and gain insight into best practice and learning from one another through professional conversations;
  • Research based practice is used to challenge and develop pedagogy and therefore improve outcomes;

We have responsive, and strategic leaders who demonstrate respect for their staff and ensure they are protected and supported to develop on teaching and learning and delivering improved outcomes for all learners. Our Executive Director of Education leads the education function of the Trust, with responsibility for the school improvement strategy, and leads a team of expert subject leads who are responsible for the provision and outcomes in their respective academies and across the Trust. These expert subject leads work in academies developing provision, supporting teaching staff and promoting best practice to drive up standards.

School Improvement Team

CEO- Nicola Licata

Director of Education- Tara Bryan

Louise Vernon (Quality of Education)

Headteachers: Mat Winzor (AHS)

Ben Dumayne ( MS)

Helen Masters (TWS Acting)

Sarah Wilkinson (PH)

Amethyst Academies Improvements Framework

The vision for Amethyst Academies Trust is to be constantly improving as an organisation; celebrating success and investing in all of our young people so that they are the best that they can be. To bring cogency and coherence to our pursuit of ever improving provision, we have published our Amethyst Academies Improvements Framework which details how we will be “relentless in our pursuit of ever improving outcomes for all children”. Every academy in  has its own self-evaluation and school improvement plan, which provides detailed information on the profile of the school and the improvement priorities which are moving the school forward. A level above this, we have our MAT Dashboard which drives Trust decision making and establishes lines of enquiry for further research, development and improvement. The accepted norm for all schools in Amethyst is that provision is at least good, and is constantly moving forward to be better.

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