Working from Home

During lockdown we all learned a different way of working. Teams and Zoom were the new buzzwords and while we are now more or less back to normal we are still very much in favour of having the option to work from home as needed. We found that for some roles working from home was just as productive as being on site and our working from home policy reflects this.


set and stick to a routine


make a dedicated workspace


give yourself regular breaks


stay connected


be kind to yourself


Don’t blur the lines between work time and your personal time. By sticking to a routine you won’t find yourself working too early or too late. When your workday stops, stop working. Now is time to focus on your home life. 


We know this may not be practicable for everyone but setting a “workspace” helps define the boundaries of what is work and what is home. Get everything together that you might need to help with your work routine, pens, paper, chargers etc.


Lunch breaks and regular screen breaks are important to your mental health. Sitting at a screen for 8 hours is not good for your mind or body so make sure you get up and stretch your legs regularly, even if it’s only for a few minutes to get some fresh air or top up the coffee.


Working from home does have many benefits but one of the downsides is you may start to feel isolated. Email is no substitute for speaking to a real person so don’t forget you can pick up a phone to speak to your colleagues. Also, if you are working from home we still love to see you in person so don’t feel like you can’t come in to school.

Be Kind

We know that there will be days when you excel in your workload and feel great about it. We also appreciate that every day is different. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t hit your own targets. Achieving realistic goals is much better for your wellbeing. 

Further Support and Advice

If you feel low or are struggling with feelings of isolation, there is support and advice available. Find out more in our 10 tips if you are worried about COVID-19.

For more advice on how to look after your own mental health and supporting colleagues while working from home, visit Mental Health at Work.