Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is something that we have increasingly made improvements on year on year at the trust. While it may not be possible to link clear causality that happy, motivated teachers with a positive mental attitude may make pupils feel happier, motivated and more confident it may be that because teachers are happier they go the extra mile to ensure students succeed in their endeavours.

The end result being that happy staff are more motivated, students are motivated and results are better. Thus, everyone benefits.


Happy Staff


Motivated Students


Work/Life Balance


School Success

The Past

Lockdown highlighted just how important staff wellbeing is to every member of staff. We really missed the face to face interaction with students and colleagues. We missed the day to day going to work and just saying “Hi” in passing.

Our brilliant staff rose to the occasion and a staff wellbeing plan was implemented with a range of sessions that staff could join with no pressure to join. We had walkie talkie virtual dog walks, chatty lunchtimes, sign language lessons, the buddy up system


The Future

Moving forward as a trust we firmly believe that Staff Wellbeing is a massively important issue. We accept that staff needs change over time and our aims are to be flexible in our approach to this topic. A lot of the wellbeing ideas we implemented over lockdown will be carried forward and we are always looking to add new ideas and suggestions to ensure that every member of staff is mentally and physically the best that they can be.