Staff Offer

Our staff offer empowers our employees ensuring a great work/life balance. Our structured, knowledge rich curriculum means less time is spent creating resources leaving more time to spend with your family.


Assessment only marking policy


knowledge rich curriculum


bespoke cpd pathways


city wide subject networks


cycle to work scheme

At Work

All members of staff benefit from our working from home policy, including a proportion of time that teaching staff can work from home.

We operate an assessment only marking policy.

Our Knowledge Rich Curriculum has already been written along with supporting Knowledge books so lesson plans as you currently know them are a thing of the past.

We also give staff access to bespoke CPD pathways including NPW’s and access to city wide subject networks.

At Home

The trust has just begun to run the Cycle to Work Scheme for all staff. This equates to a reduction of up to 42% of the cost of a cycle and gear paid over 12 months directly from your monthly pay. You can find more information on the government website

We’re not resting on our laurels here though and are actively looking for more programmes that will benefit our staff.