Our Vision:

  • We are ambitious for our schools and their students.
    We believe that there is no ceiling on what can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their circumstances or background.
  • We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, giving every young person the opportunity to fulfil their potential now, and in the future.
  • We seek to realise the power of individuals and organisations working together in collaboration whilst retaining their individuality, and we recognise that we can always improve.

Amethyst Academies Trust Encourages our Students to be Respectful by Ensuring that:

They are healthy and safe: physically and emotionally
They have a sense of their own and the wider community upholding British values
They take responsibility for the immediate and wider environment


Amethyst Academies Trust ensures our Students are Challenged:

To be reflective, resilient and responsible
To utilise all of the knowledge and skills developed to enable them to be a well-rounded and employable individual
To be successful in all lessons through striving to achieve their very best and make fantastic progress
To be independent enquirers who make links with their learning both in and out of school
To engage in a challenging, knowledge-rich curriculum which is both creative and engaging, and meaningful and purposeful


Amethyst Academies Trust ensures Students are Prepared:

With career options to enter successful future employment
With inspirational, self-reflective teachers and support staff
With support to children when they need it


The ethos and values of Amethyst Academies Trust are all non-negotiable:

  • To be inspirational. As a Trust we believe that we can inspire children to want the best education that can change their lives. Our inspirational ethos is the underlying principle that must be clearly demonstrated in everything that we do.
  • To be positive. We have a no excuses culture and believe in dismantling barriers to education and going the extra mile for our students to enable brilliance.
  • To have high expectations so that all achieve. That is expected of all adults and all students.
  • That all schools within our Trust are unique and respond to their local needs within the MAT framework.

    A self improving trust which aims to support and inspire our students to:

    Be rounded, employable individuals who are:

    Literate and Numerate

    Assistant Vice Principals for English and Mathematics working across the Trust.

    Programme of support for key groups established across the Trust ensuring progress is maximised for all students.

    Common and effective approaches for literacy and numeracy adopted with Academy based TLR holders driving them.

    Weekly meeting re Basics with SLT present.

    Future Leaders

    Collaborative structures apparent across all aspects of Trust work, with clear evidence of invitational leadership to collaborate with institutions beyond the Trust.

    Trust recognised regionally and nationally as an outstanding organisation that delivers effective educational provision in all academies it leads within a robust financial structure guaranteeing outstanding value for money in all measurable criteria.

    Training Agreements: Implement Training Agreements for staff undertaking significant development programmes in order for the Trust to retain the new skills and see a benefit from the investment.

    LM/SLT development: Implement middle management training packages in place and launched Trust wide.
    Identify potential apprenticeship schemes that the Levy could fund to add additionally to supervisors and managers.

    Secondments: Create a culture whereby sharing of resources and skills in individuals is not seen as a threat but a benefit to all Trust academies. Enabling an understanding that if an individual is exposed to a new environment, team and experiences, they may return with a new skillset that will benefit their substantive academy.

    Creative problem solvers equipped with skills for life

    Numerous examples of success in developing innovative practice and securing external funding including SSIF to further enhance the success of all Trust academies.

    Comprehensive strategy in place that develops beyond the baseline provision of 1-1 ipad in Sixth Form with discrete leadership of teaching technologies evident.

    Culture established of the ‘Restless Trust’ constantly involves in identifying the best and most effective practice. Clear review cycle in place for ALL systems and procedures ensuring that all are ‘fit for purpose’.

    All Academy Principals assigned roles in relation to Trust wide innovation and development within a culture that promotes innovation ‘Talent changers’.

    Performance Management systems directly support colleagues to investigate, innovate and promote the best practice.

    Be successful learners who are:

    Realising their full academic potential

    Within 3 years of joining the Trust, all colleagues will deliver consistently good and outstanding teaching and learning.

    All colleagues within 12 months of joining the Trust will be part of a personalised development programme to further enhance their teaching skills.

    Values and aspirations are evident as an intrinsic component of Academy life – celebrated and valued in the learning environment and beyond.

    Improving their chances in life

    Co-ordinated Post 16 provision established to support all Trust Academies.

    All academies will have secured, at least, an Ofsted ‘Good’ rating within three years of joining the Trust.

    All academies will exceed annual PAN in relation to parental first choice within two years of joining the Trust.

    All academies will exceed national floor targets within three years of joining the Trust.

    All academies will achieve rates of progress and attainment which will be comparable with national data for good schools.

    All academies will have significantly closed the attainment gap between disadvantaged and non- disadvantaged students within two years of joining the Trust.

    Co-ordinate programme evident to support ALL learners to maximise their potential – coherent strategies utilised to support the learner from 1 1to 18 and equipping the individual to be a ‘lifelong learner’.

    Be inspired, life-long learners who are:

    Passionate about the power of education

    Cross Academy teams of excellence developed and led effectively in all curriculum areas.
    Common Examination board syllabi agreed across all Secondary Academies.

    All academies will have secured, at least, an Ofsted ‘Good’ rating within three years of joining the Trust.

    All academies will exceed annual PAN in relation to parental first choice within two years of joining the Trust.

    Notify individuals identified as future leaders and allow such individuals the opportunity to up-skill through shadowing and secondments in addition to external CPD.

    Curious about the world

    Purposeful and effective relationships established with all key regional and national educational organisations including East and West Midlands RSC’s. Coherent Trust growth plan agreed with all key partners.

    Co-ordinated programme of activities and opportunities evident across ALL academies and age ranges that ensure ALL students are aware of the contributions they can make to Society – aware of their responsibilities as an effective citizen and the ‘difference they can make’.

    Co-ordinated programme to ensure ALL students are prepared and supported effectively to contribute to the needs of Society. Ensuring all individuals are empowered to make informed decisions in relation to their future.
    Effective partnership established with all Community stakeholders to coherently support the needs of the local communities Trust academies serve.

    Each Academy aware of needs and aspirations of the local community it serves and, in partnership, with all stakeholders is raising levels of provision and enhancing aspirations.
    Trust acknowledged as an effective catalyst for community regeneration on all scales and actively shares strategies with all potential partners within and beyond the education domain.

    Trust recognised by all stakeholders as an effective conduit for community transformation. An organisation that promotes equality and actively celebrates diversity.

    Each Academy supports the Trust commitment to Community transformation and at Academy level have coherent plans to support and develop the needs of the community it serves. Each plan being crafted in partnership with all local stakeholders.

    Be resilient individuals who are:

    Challenged to their full potential

    Aspirational targets agreed for all academies
    Trust Education capacity in place to meet the needs of ALL academies. Capacity reflects clear levels of affordability in relation to the growth of the Trust.

    MAT team monthly reviews with Academy heads to review quality of teaching and learning and impact of intervention strategies , where actioned.

    Calendar of six weekly monitoring and review cycles established and in all academies.

    All those involved in governance understand their roles and responsibilities. Schemes of delegation make it clear who is accountable to whom and for what. Accountability drives up educational standards and financial performance.

    A Quality Assurance Programme is in place to ensure regular monitoring and oversight of ley areas with clear reporting that delivers assurance to the Board.

    All those involved in governance have the appropriate skills, experience, qualities and capacity needed to perform their duties. Skills audits are used in the recruitment process and training is delivered to ensure any skills gaps are closed.

    All layers of governance are involved in regular evaluation to monitor and improved the quality and impact of governance.

    Professional clerking is in place as per the Clerking Competency Framework.

    Independent, reflective and responsible for their own actions

    Coherent and effective rewards systems operating in all Academies.

    Trust wide recognition of excellence and student progress/attitudes to learning.

    Feedback: Ensure that line managers are fully trained in carrying out meaningful Appraisals and Performance Management reviews.

    Development: Training intrinsically linked in to the Appraisal and Performance Management processes and with the needs of the Academy.

    Review: Monitors employee feedback through different processes to ensure that job satisfaction increases in line with investment.

    There is a sound business plan in place which supports the Trust Vision. Development Plans are established in line with Academy and Trust priorities. Priorities are used to inform agenda setting. All decisions made are in line with the Trust’s vision and strategic priorities and the impact of those decisions are monitored.

    Healthy and safe, both physically and emotionally

    Attract: Implement employee benefits programme and publish online.

    Work life balance: Consider before advertising whether a post could be undertaken on a job-share basis to allow opportunities for flexible working.

    To ensure a suitable induction programme exists for all new starters and to ensure that reviews are undertaken for all staff as part of the Appraisal cycles.

    Ensure that promoted staff have a development plan in place in order to facilitate a successful transition into their new posts.