Our Support

Amethyst Academies Trust has developed the Amethyst Trust Transformation Model of school improvement which has evolved from the work which originally took place at Aldersley High School, enabling the school to move from the bottom 10% of schools in the country to the top 10% for outstanding progress. The Amethyst Trust Transformation Model is comprised of the following areas:

Amethyst Approach

As a united team, it is right that we should agree to do certain things in a consistent way, the ‘Amethyst Approach’. What goes into the ‘Amethyst Approach’ will be determined by a process of co-creation and review; however,
once agreed, there is no opt-out.

Amethyst Ambition

All stakeholders must believe in in the Vision and values of the Trust. Because the vision and values are shared by all stakeholders, there is an acceptance that we are all one team, one family.

Amethyst Achieve

Given that Amethyst is a family, all its members – Academies, groups and individuals – must be successful. ‘Amethyst Achieve’ is the process by which “we all succeed together”, enabling additional support to be provided where it is needed.

Amethyst Advance

Individually and collectively, we must ensure one eye remains firmly fixed on the future, anticipating and preparing for our next stage of development.