Amethyst Academies Trust serves a multi-ethnic community reflecting a wide range of social and economic backgrounds.

‘Amethyst Academies Trust will work in partnership with its family of schools, parents and sponsors to become a beacon for learning within the community. We will aim to extend the potential of every student through an enriched programme of academic, social technological and recreational experiences in order to prepare pupils for the challenges of adult life.’

Ms N. Licata

CEO, Amethyst Academies Trust


Amethyst Academies Trust operates within Wolverhampton’s Scheme for Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements for Secondary Admissions. The scheme aims to ensure that each child receives the best possible single offer of a place at a secondary school, based on parents’ preferences. This means that:

Parents only fill in ONE application form, stating their preferred choices and reasons for them.
Five preferences are invited
Initially, ALL preferences are treated as equal, and sent out to other admission authorities as appropriate.
All children whose statement of educational need (SEN) or Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan names one of the schools in the Trust will be admitted.
If Amethyst Academies Trust is full the over-subscription criteria will be applied (where appropriate).

The Governors will offer:

Aldersley High School – 210 places in Year 7 2020/2021
Moreton School – 210 places in year 7 2020/2021
Amethyst Sixth Form 300 places each academic year

Over Subscription Criteria

Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available and, therefore, the school is over-subscribed, the following criteria will be applied in allocating places:

In order of priority places will be offered on the basis of:

  1. Children in Public Care (Looked After Children) who are the subject of a full care order. Children in Public Care are either on care orders made by a court or accommodated by the Local Authority at the parent’s request. Children in care may live in foster homes, residential homes with relatives or continue to live at home.
  2. Children who have older siblings currently attending Amethyst Academies Trust at the date of admission. Older children from the same family unit, attending a particular school, can be considered to ‘qualify’ a younger child under sibling link criteria, provided proof is available to demonstrate that the children are permanently resident at the same address and part of the same family unit. (We accept that in some family units (one or two adults and children) the children may not be natural brothers and sisters and are half-brothers and half-sisters or step-brothers and step-sisters). Permanently resident must refer to where a child lives for most of the teaching week e.g. three or more days at the same residence.
  3. Medical/Social Whether there are specific medical or social circumstances that can be met only by the child’s attendance at the Academy. If you believe there are specific reasons, medical or social, for claiming priority for your child to attend the Academy these special factors must be indicated on the form. Evidence (e.g. a letter from a registered health professional such as a doctor or social worker) to support this claim must be submitted with the common application form. The information submitted must state clearly the effects of the condition/ illness and why the preferred academy is the only school that can meet your child’s needs. This is necessary because you would be asking the Admitting Authority to assess your child as having a stronger case than many other children, even some who live closer to the school in question than you do. The information provided will be used to prioritise your request for a particular academy/school. Please note that only in exceptional cases are places prioritised in respect of a child’s/parent’s medical/ social grounds.

  • All remaining applications will initially be ranked on the basis of the distance from Amethyst Academies Trust measured in line with the Local Authority ‘Straight Line Measurement Policy’.
    For flats, this will be measured from the communal entrance to the building. In the event of a tie-break within a block of flats, those nearest to that entrance will be given priority.
  • NB – Tie Breaker

    If there is an insufficient number of places to accommodate all the children of a particular criterion, the next criterion will be used to assess the applications concerned in order to prioritise applications.


    In the event of a place not being offered, notice of intention to appeal must be made to the Chair of Governors through the Admissions Officer at the trust within 14 days of the date on the letter refusing a place.

    Appeals will be considered initially by the Admissions Committee of the Governing Body. Should the Committee decide not to offer a place, parents can further appeal to an independent panel, which will be convened for this purpose, as established under Section 94 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998.

    In-Year admissions

    Amethyst Academies Trust operates within Wolverhampton’s Scheme for Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements for Secondary Admissions.

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