THE central TEAM

solid foundations

As an organisation we build capacity in advance of need; this enables us to provide support to other schools at very short notice. Through our leadership model we successfully develop leaders at all levels who are then able to take on whole school/academy responsibilities or to be deployed across our Family of Schools. Our Directors of subjects (Maths, English, Science, ) bring outstanding leadership, working across all our schools in the Family and contributing extensively to school improvement.
We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of all children in our care, including those who are most vulnerable or challenging. These groups of students are a major priority and we work closely with parents/carers in helping to raise their children’s self-esteem and subsequent achievement and attainment.

We are dedicated about the part we have to play in regenerating the area by placing outstanding schools at the heart of the community.

Trustwide Solutions

Collaborative: Sharing of teachers, expertise and best practices.

Quality Core Services: Access to high quality shared services, e.g. catering, premises, finance and ICT

Delivery: Rapid dissemination of best-practice across the group – sharing of policies and procedures

Development: Excellent professional development opportunities, which support the recruitment and retention of staff.

Innovation: Innovative staffing arrangements – for example, staff working across more than one Amethyst Academy and working from home.

High Calibre CPD: Training days in common, facilitating high quality CPD.

Cutting Edge: Bespoke software for pupil tracking, reporting, safeguarding, rewards and conduct management are consistent across the academies.

our central support services

laura armato

Senior Finance and Business Director 

Laura brings significant financial experience to the Trust and contributes to the corporate, strategic and operational leadership management. In particular Laura is responsible for leading the Trust’s finance team, accounting and delivering a financial strategy to support the Trust’s objectives.

Laura worked for the Local Authority for several years as a Schools Finance Support Officer providing and monitoring multiyear budget plans, and offering professional advice in a consultancy capacity on budgetary matters to around 19 schools and then progressed to becoming a Bursar for a Cluster of schools including, primary, Secondary and Special.

Laura was appointed as a Business Director for one of the Amethyst Academy Trust Academies schools and continues with this function at academy level. Laura has achieved the AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting, Certificate of School Business Management through the NCSL and the CIPFA Financial Reporting for Academies.

Lauren Jones

Assistant Business Director

Legal, Governance and Compliance

Lauren Jones is the Assistant Business Director for the Amethyst Academies trust and is also the lead for Legal, Governance and Compliance issues. Lauren has a legal background, having gained a Law Degree in 2007 from the University of Liverpool. Lauren then studied her postgraduate legal qualification in Birmingham before moving on to work for a mid-sized law firm in Dudley, focusing her training in the Private motoring and Criminal Department. Lauren took a career break in 2012, where she was appointed as Attendance Manager at Moreton School.

At Academy level, Lauren moved into the trust’s Compliance role and is responsible for ensuring that our Trust complies with our outside regulatory requirements and internal policies. Lauren greatly enjoys interpreting the Law, and creating policies in line with statutory requirements. Working as compliance officer for the trust has allowed Lauren the autonomy to ensure Legal compliance across the trust in relation to a wide range of areas including; Data Protection, Parental Consent, Health and Safety, and Freedom of Information.

At present, Lauren’s primary focus is in moving the trust towards legal compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, which will take force in May 2018 –these regulations will affect all schools in their approach towards their data sharing and processing responsibilities.

Ian Currie

Facilities Manager

Ian Currie has worked with schools within the trust for over 19 years and has a vast experience of managing sites and ensuring compliance with Health and safety. Ian project managed Building Schools for the Future and large building projects across the Trust. Ian ensures all site projects are health and safety compliant and fulfills all estate management requirements. As Facilities Manager he leads a team of highly skilled facilities assistants who contribute to providing an efficient centralised operational service to staff and students. 

John Ince

Chief Finance Manager

John has over 2 decades of school finance experience from the early days of Local Management of Schools to Academy Status via Grant Maintained Status and Foundation School Status. As the delegation of financial control has been awarded to schools in ever increasing measure and complexity over the years, so John has evolved and adapted to meet the challenges. Having been with the Academy since its inception in January 2013,

John is now suitably experienced and knowledgeable to over see the Multi Academy Trust’s finances working alongside Laura Armato, Business Manager, and the schools’ Finance Teams, all working together to support the Trusts’ aims and objectives.

Ian Henry

Network Manager

Ian brings a wealth of experience to ICT support. Originally joining the ICT Support team in 2006, he covered a wide range of roles before becoming Network Manager of Aldersley High School in 2013. Leading the school’s ICT Support department, he was responsible for the IT input to the Building Schools for the Future project, which reshaped ICT for the school going forward and has been instrumental in the school’s support during the interim leadership of additional schools.

Whilst also continuing his work for Aldersley, Ian was appointed as Network Manager for the Amethyst Academies Trust, leading the other ICT Support departments in continuing to provide a great IT service throughout the Trust.

ben blewitt

Trust Data and Systems Manager

Ben has 20 years’ experience working in educational IT. He has experience working in assessment data analysis and in designing bespoke software systems for use in school. He has created several applications for use in schools across the Trust, using mobile and web technologies. He has set up systems to collate information together and make it easier for staff to record and locate information.

laura sharratt

Trust Attendance Support Officer

Laura is experienced in improving attendance.

Paul martin

Director of Marketing

Paul’s background in IT and media at Moreton School since 2009 made him the ideal choice to market the trust and it’s schools. Paul is as happy behind a camera as a computer and actively supports the technical aspects of the Photography A Level course in the Amethyst Sixth Form.

Paul has been the lead designer on our websites since joining the trust and transitioned the Moreton website over to a CMS in 2015 to make it more accessible to the growing mobile market. Paul led the social media rollout at Moreton School to show off all the fantastic work that happens in school that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Paul is also our “Go to” designer and is skilled in all aspects of design from a simple poster all the way up to promotional videos for the trust.