Amethyst Academies Trust

The Amethyst Academies Trust (AAT) was born out of the success of Aldersley High School, a community school of 800 students which has achieved outstanding progress for the past 2 years. We believe we have the capacity and the experience to inspire students and staff and bring about rapid and sustained improvement for the benefit of the Local Authority, and wider community.

AAT is a multi-academy sponsor and the Family of Schools currently comprises of two schools, Aldersley High School and Moreton School. These two schools work collaboratively together to ensure that all children irrespective of their starting point receive an excellent education. We relish the opportunity to be part of the much needed regeneration of all areas we work in and wish to play a full role in the wider community.

Amethyst Aspire Business Partnership

In order to successfully fulfil our vision, we need your help. The Amethyst Aspire Business Partnership aims to enrich and equip all of our students with ‘real world’ knowledge and skills to not only survive after education, but to thrive and excel. We need a wide range of businesses at the core of the partnership to    provide tutoring, coaching, inspiration and to ultimately develop our students to be the very best they can be, both within school and in their future careers and ambitions.

What do we want our students to gain from within the partnership?

· First hand knowledge and experience of a range of industries and career paths

  • Life and social skills
  • Interview, C.V. writing and ‘first impressions’ skill sets
  • Inspiration and ambition to aspire to be the best

Our Vision

The core values of the trust are to develop and shape our students into;

Rounded, employable individuals
Future leaders with an array of life skills to help them succeed in all future endeavors
Independent and resilient young adults

Shaping the Future Together

Motivational and Aspirational Assemblies

Host an assembly (or more than one)  to open the eyes of our students to different career and life paths. Map out your life, tell your story and promote your career/business sector to give students an insight into ‘A day in your  life!’

Business Taster days or Work Experience

Key stage 3: Host a visit for small groups of students at your place of work. For key stage 3 students they can get an insight into the different job roles that are involved and get the chance to test out some of the daily activities.
Key stage 4 and 5: Work experience offered in both Year 10 and 11. Ongoing work experience one day a week for suitable students with a commitment to offer those who shine the opportunity of an Apprenticeship following successful exam results.

The Business Forum

Join our secure and safeguarded network alongside selected students to assist in career discussions, projects or questions our students might have in their daily lives. Be part of the support network for our students as much as you can offer.

Careers in the Curriculum

Have a passion for education and teaching? Come and teach a lesson in a particular subject or topic that has links with your industry or job role. Combine employability skills alongside education and help to give our students their reason why!

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Business Mentoring

You will be assigned to one individual student or a small group of students to meet and mentor once every 6 weeks. In these  informal or formal sessions you could cover employability skills, discussions on your career sector/job and support them in their current education.

Working Lunch

Meet a group of students as many times as you can commit to for an informal working lunch at one of our schools. We will provide the food, the students will be armed with questions and discussion topics…the rest is up to you!

Pre-Interview Preparation

Be available to attend one of our many mock interview days or provide 1:1 interview preparation techniques for our Key stage 4 and 5 students. For specific sector skills, students will be able to try out and practice what is needed to be successful in an interview either in school or in your place of work.