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Proposed Expansion of Moreton School

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Amethyst Academy | 0 comments

Proposed Expansion of Moreton School

I am writing to you on behalf of Amethyst Academies Trust, to inform you of a proposal to permanently expand the capacity of Moreton School to 210 students in year 7
As you may be aware, levels of demand for secondary phase educational provision across the City of Wolverhampton are expected to increase significantly in the short to medium term. To ensure the continued sufficiency of provision, representatives of the City of Wolverhampton Council are working closely with schools and partners, including our MAT, to explore opportunities to expand the capacity of the secondary estate.


On 3 June 2020, the Cabinet of the City of Wolverhampton Council approved the formal proposal of schemes included within the Secondary School Expansion Programme 2021 and 2022.

It is proposed that, with effect from September 2021, Moreton School’s admission limit is increased to 210 Year 7 places (from 180 places). The admission limit for subsequent year 7 intakes would also be 210.

Subject to approval of the proposal, the City of Wolverhampton Council would work closely with the Academy to ensure that the school has sufficient accommodation to support the increased number of students.

The Amethyst Academies Trust welcome any comments you may wish to make on the proposed expansion of Moreton School via the details below:

Nicola Davis
Amethyst Academy Trust
Barnhurst Lane

Or by emailing:

Please note that the deadline for responses is Friday 17 July 2020. All comments received will be acknowledged and will help inform a final decision on the proposal. Should you have any queries regarding the proposal please do not hesitate to contact the Academy on 01902 556868

Yours sincerely

Nicola Davis
Executive Principal

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