Celebrating Aldersley High School’s Remarkable Achievement: Winning the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Award Again!

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Aldersley High School | 0 comments

The Amethyst Academies Trust is overjoyed to celebrate an outstanding accomplishment by Aldersley High School. Demonstrating exceptional commitment and leadership in anti-bullying initiatives, Aldersley High School has been honoured with the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Award for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement was acknowledged in a splendid ceremony held at Wolverhampton’s Civic Centre.

Being one of only two secondary schools in Wolverhampton to secure this honour consecutively highlights the school’s persistent and effective efforts against bullying. This prestigious award not only recognizes the school’s stand against bullying but also showcases its role as a leader in promoting a safe and inclusive educational environment.

Along with Headteacher, Mr Winzor, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and special recognition to Mrs. Bopari for her relentless dedication and commendable leadership in driving the application process. Her continuous advocacy for the well-being and safety of our students has been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

The moment was further elevated by the presence of esteemed guests, including Dr. Hardacre (Mayor of Wolverhampton), Brenda While (Deputy Director of Education), and Councillor Chris Burden (Councillor for Children and Young People). Seeing our students, Oliver, Christian, Karma, and Ishika, receive the award from these distinguished figures, especially Councillor Burden who is an Aldersley High alumnus, was a source of immense pride and inspiration for our entire school community.

This accolade is more than just an award; it reflects Aldersley High School’s unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing, inclusive, and safe learning atmosphere. The school’s innovative approach and steadfast dedication to #AntiBullying initiatives continue to set exemplary standards, not just in Wolverhampton but across the educational landscape.

The Amethyst Academies Trust is incredibly proud of Aldersley High School’s achievement and remains committed to supporting and sharing its vision of creating positive and secure educational environments for all our students.

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