Amethyst Academies Trust

At the Amethyst Academies Trust, we cherish the differences between each of our schools and partners.  We are in no doubt that School improvement is the core business of our Trust as it is with all outstanding Trusts.

Aldersley High School

Aldersley High School is the base and the birthplace of the Amethyst Academies Trust

Moreton School

Moreton School joined the Trust in September 2017 and has now been ranked as a “Good” school in it’s latest Ofsted Inspection.

Penn Hall School

Penn Hall School joined the trust in November 2022 and is a very special school for children and young people aged 3 -19 years with a range of special educational needs and disabilities.

Tettenhall Wood School

Tettenhall Wood School is an outstanding school that is a place of opportunities for all pupils to achieve the best of their abilities and making a valued contribution to society.

CEO Welcome

Welcome to Amethyst Academies Trust and thank you for looking at our website.

We are very proud of our Trust: our Trustees, Staff and governors work relentlessly in collaboration to ensure our children and young people have an exceptional education.

Our family of schools came into fruition as a natural development of positive relationships built between neighbouring schools in the local area. We continue to work in partnership with all schools in the locality. We believe that collaboration is the key to a successful education system.

All Schools within our MAT have the commitment to share their ideas, their expertise and their unique experiences, so that children and staff can learn, develop and grow together.

We take collective responsibility for our children and young people; pooling our energy to find solutions to problems that arise and removing barriers that may prevent success.

As the Chief Executive Officer, it is my role to oversee the teams and strategies the MAT uses to ensure that we are consistently delivering the highest quality teaching and learning and operate with effectiveness.  We are delighted that all schools within Amethyst Academies Trust have been graded at least good by Ofsted. Our aspirational culture ensures that we work tirelessly to support and challenge our children and young people to be the very best that they can be.

We are stronger together in our pursuit of excellence.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any aspect of joining us as a parent, pupil, member of the team, or as a school looking to join a collaborative MAT that can support you on your journey to becoming exceptional. I look forward to welcoming you into our family.

Nicola Licata CEO

It is these values that are demonstrated through our journey to date and underpin the unequivocal motivation of the schools who have chosen to join our family. Our values have remained at the heart of all we do. 

Our Mission Statement


To maximise life chances working together with our communities to cultivate education excellence for all.







Hard Working

To lead with purpose









What do we do?

We establish the foundations for our academies to achieve educational excellence by educating and inspiring the whole child, valuing inclusivity, developing character and building cultural capital.

How will we succeed?

Priority 1: Academic Rigour

All schools provide a high-quality inclusive education that is motivating and ambitious for all, including disadvantaged children and children with SEND so that all learners can achieve their academic and personal potential ensuring they leave school well prepared for the next stage of education, employment or training and are well prepared to become confident citizens. 

Priority 2: Aligned Autonomy

To develop professional working relationships in all our schools to seek the optimal balance between consistency and self-determination so that all our students and staff benefit from our collective practice.

Priority 3: Inspiring our Communities

To break down barriers with our internal and external local communities and build trust and understanding through intentional efforts to generate effective working relationships and achieve positive change.

Priority 4: Talent First

Create a high-performing working culture for all staff that promotes collaboration, resilience, aspiration, and support. Uses the flexibility of the trust structure to create opportunities for staff. Recognises the critical value of high-quality teaching and champions the profession so that staff choose Amethyst Academies Trust as their place to progress their careers.

What is the most important thing right now?

Developing aligned autonomy to raise attainment and successfully implement the visions and values of the Trust

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